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Welcome to KiSofi Tech, where technology empowers businesses. We have been dedicated to delivering specialized IT solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our approach centres on simplicity and precision, ensuring that your business goals are met without hassle. At KiSofi Tech, we value teamwork, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. We stand by our commitment to support our clients and help their businesses grow. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities of technology and discover how we make it easier to do business with innovative and transformative solutions.


What We Do


Transfrom your enterprise with KiSofi Tech’s Salesforce solutions. We don’t just offer other Services; we provide comprehensive solutions that revolutionize your operations, Enrich customer engagements, and catalyze growth. Experience the transformative impact of salesforce in streamlining your business processes for superior efficiency and effectiveness.


Revolutionize your business landscape with KiSofi Tech’s AWS solutions. Our approach transcends traditional services, offering state-of-the-art cloud solutions that ensure scalability and leverage the latest in digital technology. With our AWS expertise, we guide your business to new heights in the digital realm, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

Microsoft Azure

Redefine your business capabilities with KiSofi Tech’s Microsoft Azure solutions. We provide more than just services; we deliver comprehensive cloud computing solutions that ensure seamless scalability and innovative approaches, propelling your enterprise into a new era of digital efficiency and advancement.

Data Analytics

Unlock the potential of your data with KiSofi Tech’s bespoke Data Analytics solutions. Our approach goes beyond mere services, offering customized, data-driven strategies that empower your decision-making and transform your business operations. With Kisofitech’s Analytics expertise, step into a world where data informs success.

Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting


 Experience the pinnacle of excellence with KiSofi Tech’s IT solutions and technology consulting. Our team doesn’t just provide services; we craft tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and strategic prowess, guiding your business towards technological triumph.

Empowering Excellence Through Cutting-Edge IT Solutions.

KiSofi Tech is not just a provider but a creator of tailored IT solutions. We drive innovation and efficiency, elevating your business with our technological acumen and strategic insights.

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3+ Years of delivering custom It solutions services.

Opt for KiSofi Tech not just for expertise and innovation, but for our commitment to crafting solutions that champion your success. Partner with us to elevate your business with confidence and assurance.

  • Business Strategy 80% 80%
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  • Software Development 95% 95%


What happy clients says about us?

Testimonial 1

Kisofi Tech excelled in seamlessly migrating our data from AWS Cloud Portal. Their expertise, precision, and commitment ensured a smooth transition, minimizing downtime. A reliable partner for data solutions. Kisofi Tech has been an invaluable partner in our recruitment journey. Their dedicated team’s commitment, industry insights, and efficient processes have consistently delivered top-notch candidates, making them our go-to for placement and recruitment services.
Acies IT Solutions

Testimonial 2

Kisofi Tech transformed our business with expertly implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud solutions. Their comprehensive understanding, strategic approach, and seamless execution not only enhanced efficiency but also elevated our customer experience. We highly recommend Kisofi Tech for Salesforce implementations.

Testmonial 3

KiSofi Tech’s Corporate Training on Salesforce was a game-changer for our team at VillageMinds Private Limited. Their tailored training approach equipped our employees with deep insights and practical knowledge of Salesforce, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency. The expert trainers from KiSofi Tech demonstrated remarkable proficiency and an engaging teaching style, making complex concepts accessible. We’re grateful for their contribution to our team’s skill enhancement and highly recommend KiSofi Tech for their outstanding Salesforce training capabilities
VillageMinds Private Limited

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