KiSofi Tech specializes in implementing Salesforce’s industry-specific solutions, expertly catering to the unique needs of diverse sectors. These tailored solutions are designed to tackle the distinct challenges and pain points faced by organizations in their respective industries, demonstrating KiSofi Tech’s commitment to delivering highly customized and effective Salesforce applications.


KiSofi Tech’s proficiency in Salesforce Health Cloud empowers healthcare organizations to manage patient data more effectively and streamline clinical operations, all while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards. Our solutions are crafted to enhance operational efficiency in healthcare, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and patient care.

Utilizing Salesforce Non-profit Cloud, KiSofi Tech equips non-profit organizations with powerful tools to enhance donor engagement and streamline fundraising efforts. Our approach is centered around maximizing impact and tracking outcomes, enabling non-profits to achieve their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
Financial Services

Our implementation of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offers financial institutions an advanced toolset for enhancing customer relationships and streamlining business processes. We focus on maintaining the highest standards of compliance and data security, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient financial service experience.

In the manufacturing sector, KiSofi Tech leverages Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to assist manufacturers in optimizing their supply chain management, improving production processes, and tackling unique industry challenges such as inventory management. Our solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation in manufacturing practices